Welcome to my website where you will find examples of high quality photographic images that I have taken over the years.

Back ‘in the day’ I used to take many images in Black and White and develop my own prints. Using print film could be very expensive but we are now lucky to be in the digital era – after the initial purchase of your kit you could take 1,000+ images at an event (I often take around 1,500 at a football match) and if you bin 800 of the images it has virtually cost nothing – try that in the days of paying for films, developing and printing!

For many years after getting a digital camera, I would never use software to alter or crop images -‘frame the finished image you want’ was my mantra. I still do this with many of my images, however, now having some great 200mm and 300mm lens I can get superb images at a distance and then crop back to the required ‘frame’ without losing quality. I do sometimes digitally alter images but this is rare.

I hope you enjoy looking at my images and would welcome any constructive feedback – positive or negative.


Greg Goldsworthy     

email:  greg@ggphotography.co.uk   Mobile: 07813 158568


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